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I thought I’d upload my initial design ideas for the Celestia and Discord cosplays for my Boyfriend and I!

Everything is subject to change, and a lot of things did change in the design phase. Originally I was going to craft a staff for Celestia, but was stumped at working out how I could incorporate a bag into the design to carry my purse and such. I realised that I could take one of those fake papier-mache books and deign it to look like the Elements of Harmony book, and store my items in there!

Discord’s outfit is a lot of items jumbled together. I need to dye some white trousers very, very carefully, and make a lot of accessories. Thankfully, I had made the wings for Celestia a long time ago for another cosplay that was never finished, so less work there!

I have just under a month, go go go!

The more I draw these characters rather than write about them, the more I want to make this a comic rather than a book.. but I’m still doubting my ability to do either!

These tiny, handmade budgies want to stay close to your heart!

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I’m still surprised I painted this. It just kinda.. happened. Still! Very proud of it c:

Aaand here is kingy. He’s what I will be using Tom Hiddleston’s dashing good looks for.

Test sculpts for Pinkie Pie! I think I finally have the technique down, I just need to find a sturdier polymer clay for the body. Sculpey soft pics up faaaar too many imperfections, ooops.
Although I will re-cast before I start producing these.

My housemate took me to buy the correctly coloured fimo, so this is now in the oven! Fingers crossed!

Started a test paint of my Pinkie Pie necklace sculpture!

Working sketches for a small commission. Designing a poster for a friend’s production of Equus! I drew these in the pub last night because I needed to get out of the house.

In the coming months I’ll be repurposing this tumblr into more of a working art blog. I hope that everyone who follows me will enjoy a slightly more personal look at my work and what I will be doing.

Please expect lots more content!