1. Starting the last page for my comic! This is going to be my only full-page, full-colour. Hopefully I’ll finish it up tomorrow!


  2. fyeahpsittacines asked: Hey, this is Laura and Tara from Miniatura! Was so lovely to meet you :)

    Hey girls! Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I’ve been swamped with deadlines recently! I’ll give your blog a good look over in the morning. (On first glance omg its already adorable! ) :) I also hope to have those budgie necklaces finished and posted soon!

  3. Yo ho ho and a bottle o’ rum!

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  4. This beautiful Plumpkin arrived today from the ever talented Magweno. I’m completely in love, and so happy to finally be able to purchase something from this amazing artist!

    Trixie my bunny got along with her straight away, and they both posed for this photo wonderfully. Fast friends! Can’t wait to draw fat dragons and bunnies all over my work!

    Magweno’s tumblr is here

    Trixie actually has her own blog here!

  5. Wooo! Totally managed to get a photo of my new glowy necklace design! I’ll most likely make the Etsy listings in the morning, but I just wanted to share this now. Hehe!

  6. Finished off the design for the creepy black dog/wolf in my comic. I plan to add glowing yellow eyes and some other crazy colours!

  7. Put together this pirate inspired necklace last night! Will take better photos tomorrow and it’ll be up on Etsy soon after!

  8. woodbub:

    Please hire me Zimbio. I know what I’m doing.

    Another art friend got a tumblr yaaay

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